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Perth Hyperbaric Services Ltd

Perth Hyperbaric Services Limited,
The Douglas Fulton Centre for Hyperbaric Services,
62b Perth Airport, Scone Perth PH2 6PL
A company limited by Guarantee Reg No 405536 Reg Charity no SC042723

Are there any side-effects?

At the dosage used in this therapy there are no serious side effects from the oxygen. However, the change in pressure may cause some ear or sinus discomfort. Some people can feel very tired during the initial programme however more than 2 million sessions have been carried out without a single serious problem!.  Where an extended, and,intensive course of treatment, some patients may need glasses or a change in their prescription for glasses. This change is temporary and reverses a few weeks after treatment stops.

Can I get the bends

The bends are caused by dissolved nitrogen coming out as bubbles in decompression. This happens to divers who breath compressed air. In the hyperbaric chamber you are breathing 100% oxygen, therefore, there is no nitrogen to cause this problem. Indeed, the treatment for the bends is to use a hyperbaric chamber breathing oxygen.

What happens after my initial sessions

This becomes very much down to each individual to manage their own situation. It is important to recognise that HBOT is NOT a cure. HBOT can potentially help alleviate symptoms and ideally slow or stop the progression of the illness.
With this in mind, it is up to the individual to identify their own requirements to maintain their state of health. Some individuals find that one or two sessions per week are sufficient and some feel they need more. The only person who can assess this is yourself.  

How can I monitor my health status

We encourage the the use of the MYMOP system. This asks you to record the symptoms important to you, for example, your level of fatigue, on a scale of 1 to 6. Using this system you can monitor improvements on the issues important to you. As you progress to reducing the number of sessions, you can check for any deterioration and either increase the number of sessions or have a short spell of increased sessions to return to the status quo previously achieved.

What happens if I stop attending

As stated earlier, this is NOT a cure. If you stop your sessions, any improvements to your health you have perceived are likely to to revert to your previous status.