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Perth Hyperbaric Services Ltd

Perth Hyperbaric Services Limited,
The Douglas Fulton Centre for Hyperbaric Services,
62b Perth Airport, Scone Perth PH2 6PL
A company limited by Guarantee Reg No 405536 Reg Charity no SC042723

Using the Service

The centre focuses on offering treatment for  the following conditions

 (MS)  Multiple  Sclerosis

 (ME)  Myalgic  Encephalomyelitis

 Diabetic ulcers  

 Rheumatoid  arthritis  

 Fibromyalgia

 Sport injuries, tendon and ligament repairs

Other Hyperbaric centres may treat other conditions; however, the Board of the charity has decided to restrict its operations to a limited number of conditions.

Access to Treatment

Following your enquiry we will arrange a meeting at the centre to review your condition and attempt to identify any contra indicators.  This will give an opportunity to determine if the treatment could be of potential benefit to your condition. At this meeting, you will get an explanation of how the treatment is delivered and what to expect at the treatment sessions.  It also provides an opportunity for any questions or concerns you have to be discussed.

Should the decision be to go ahead with treatment, your name will be passed to the session scheduler. The scheduler will review available spaces and allocate you sessions if possible. For most conditions, it is recommended that you undertake an initial course of 20 sessions spread over 4 weeks.

Please be aware, spaces are limited and we cannot guarantee space will be available. If space is not available, your name will be placed on a waiting list.

Your Commitment

Once sessions are booked in your name, we ask that you make every effort to attend the sessions. Failure to attend sessions means that you are not gaining best benefit from the treatment and you are leaving an empty space which could be potentially used by another user.

We ask you to respect the fact that the operators are volunteers and are providing their time free to help users by making every attempt to attend allocated sessions.